The Only Book You Will NEED

Are you looking to shake up your real estate business? Do you want to outpace your competition?

YouTube for Realtors gives you the formula to getting started and succeeding on the most powerful social media network... YouTube!


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Just Stop for a Second and Ask Yourself:

Do you want more business?

Are you tired of social media marketing NOT working?

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition?

Are you looking for a great way to market yourself and your listings?

YouTube for Realtors is designed specifically for real estate agents who are looking to capture a competitive edge in their real estate market by utilizing one of the most impactful social media networks out there: YouTube. The topics and details described within this book provide you with a general guide to YouTube, whether you are just getting started on the platform or are looking for ways to improve your current channel.

This book was written to be a realtor’s valuable resource to start, improve, and grow their business on YouTube. YouTube for Realtors takes learning to a whole new level by including QR codes throughout the book linking to additional information on given topics. We also have an online course that complements YouTube for Realtors and provides you with step-by-step video tutorials on creating and optimizing your YouTube channel at

There is no better time to start on YouTube... so let's begin!


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YouTube Waits for No One!

Every second you wait, more and more of your competition choose to get started on YouTube or continue growing their channels.

Right now is the PERFECT time to start and there is no better book and resource to help you get going!


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Riley West is a real estate business marketing mogul located in the Northern Virginia area. His ventures include Blue Skye Media (a real estate photography and media company), Blue Skye Plus (an online marketing resource for realtors which includes a community photo library, guides, templates and tutorials), and Smart Real Estate Marketing (a real estate marketing website, with online courses, books, and an active live coaching program for realtors).

Riley and his many business ventures serve realtors throughout the nation by setting them up for success in marketing their real estate listings and real estate business. His clients receive immense value when utilizing the different resources while focusing on social media marketing and video marketing.

What sets Riley and his ventures apart is his ability to tailor his programs specifically to the needs of his clients. Throughout his career and business opportunities Riley has worked with hundreds of realtors developing a marketing path that works best for each unique client. Every realtor and their business plan is different, so a carefully thought-out path is necessary for each realtor’s success.

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